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part of my spare time to learn more. A big part of my problem solving probably comes from always trying to view things from different perspectives, and not being afraid to try something new. Being stubborn, sometimes too stubborn, probably helps a lot as well.
In my freetime I like to play games that allow the player to explore, create and problem solve. I would say better if it is a combination of the three. Trailmakers and Noita is what I have been playing the most lately and would say those are perfect examples of such games.  I also like playing D&D but I haven't played in a while since my studies have been taking up my time.
My name is Emil Löfling and I am a video game programmer.
One of the things I like most when it comes to making games is going
together and making something greater than what is possible on
your own. I also find working together is a great way to learn new things, one constantly has to look at a problem from multiple angles and come up with a solution together.
My favourite subjects within game programming are rendering and
building systems.
I like solving the problems that occur within rendering. What I like most about rendering is how broad it is and that it enables the creation of completely new and possibly impossible sights. I also find very amazing what can be done with just maths.
I like to create systems because I find it fun to create something
organised, clear and that can be built upon. To build something that lasts and can be reused is something I find very rewarding.
My biggest strengths according to me and others would be maths and problem solving. Maths is something I have always enjoyed and still I spend
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